Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Honoring Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

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Dec. 7, 1941, has, in fact, been a day that’s lived in infamy. Thousands of men and women fought, died, and cared for others, and they have not been forgotten in the 71 years since.

The Naval History and Heritage Command has some great resources to learn more about that day, including comments (under “Oral Histories”) from those who were there—it’s amazing to get their perspectives, and a great way to ensure their memories live on through the years. You can find it at; just click on the special “Pearl Harbor” section.

We salute their courage and heroism in the face of unimaginable destruction, and thank them for showing the type of resolve and dedication that has made our nation great.

(Image above: "The Japanese Sneak Attack on Pearl Harbor"; charcoal and chalk by Commander Griffith Bailey Coale, USNR, Official U.S. Navy Combat Artist, 1944; from U.S. Navy Art Center)

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