Stepping up after Sandy

Pioneer Services' Disaster Relief Loan helps military families recover from expenses caused by natural disasters.

As the impact of “Sandy” continues, all of us at Pioneer Services are keeping those affected in our thoughts and prayers.

Storms such as this one—and the tornadoes that ravaged North Carolina in 2011, including two of our offices—are why we wrote a piece on how to get your finances disaster ready. After all, trying to find all the paperwork and info you need after a storm can be emotionally draining and incredibly frustrating. So if you haven’t done so yet, check it out and get your financial disaster kit in order before the next big storm.

Something else that can be exasperating is finding enough money to pay for things you’ll need afterward, such as food, clothing, and even insurance deductibles. That’s why we offer the Disaster Relief Loan, which is interest free on up to $1,000 for 90 days and offers you the chance to get short-term funding without having to pay sky-high interest rates. A rate of 9.95% APR would apply after the interest free period.* If you find yourself without options from relief organizations or military non-profits, it’s a much better choice than a credit card or some highly questionable two-week loan.

We once again hope all of you find yourselves safe and sound, and will continue to find ways to help all of you get through times like these.

* The Disaster Relief Loan features 90 days same-as-cash terms or a 9.95% APR for longer terms and is available to service members living in a disaster area (as declared by state or federal government).

Scott Cahill

About the author: Scott Cahill

Scott Cahill has extensive military policy and financial services experience. A former national security advisor for the House of Representatives, he’s a Naval War College graduate and attended the Joint Military Intelligence College. He also served as a banking, tax policy, and budget advisor for several Members of Congress, and has helped develop an award-winning consumer financial education program. Follow Scott on Google+.

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