Halloween Safety

Less Tricks, More Treats

Hal-Safety-headDon’t keep yourself and your kids in the dark when it comes to celebrating Halloween. We have a few tricks that will ensure that your night will be a treat when the sun goes down and the costumes go on.

  • See and BE SEEN Be sure that makeup and masks allow for ample vision, and that reflective tape is a costume staple. On Halloween it’s okay to light up the night.
  • Haunted House Don’t trick-or-treat at homes off the beaten path or those without porch lights. Choose to covet candy from the neighbors you know.
  • Make like Scooby Doo Carry a flashlight to shed a little more light on your outing. That way everything can be seen—even what’s not heard.
  • Look Both Ways Cross streets at the corner & avoid zig-zaging and darting between parked cars. Motorists can’t always see you, even if you can clearly see them.
  • Set Ground Rules Make sure your kids know where they can go, when to be home and what to do in case of emergency. A little game plan relaxes parents and gives older kids confidence to carry on, on their own.
  • Keep It Simple Clear your yard of items that can be tripped over, make sure your exterior lights are on, and control pets. Stress and stress fractures should always be avoided!

Now, grab up the plastic pumpkins and pillowcases—and prime the toothbrushes for bedtime!


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