Holiday Gifts for Grown Ups & Kids

It’s the thought that counts—and we’ve thought of everything.

Holiday-Gifts-headShopping is half the fun during the holidays. The other half? Giving the gift. If you find yourself scratching your head when it comes to finding “just the thing” for friends and family to enjoy because you’re itching for some new ideas, look no further. We’ve even tied them up neatly with a virtual bow—you’ll find everything we like on our Pinterest board.

Grown Ups

  • For Her—Ladies first! Glam gal bling and things can be found on Harper’s Bazaar, where I spotted some pretty amazing facial accouterments. Quirky goodies that you won’t find on display at a discount store (promise!) that will score you cool points are all over Fab—and there are some really, really cool wearables at Shirt.Woot. You can see more on our Gifts for Gals Pinterest Board.
  • For Him—Classics like cards, bottle openers and eating utensils have been branded cool by the online likes of Stateside Man Goods and ThinkGeek. Edible and old school favorites mix and mingle to create some pretty awesome gift crates (baskets and boxes aren’t always macho enough) from ManCrates, while hand crafted and well thought out one-of-a-kind gifts can be found on Etsy. You won’t even have to hunt for them; they’re all linked on our Gifts for Guys Pinterest Board


  • Young Ones—You’re going to want a play date with the toys we have hand-picked for the kid circuit. Uber creative can be found for on the playground and beyond at Fat Brain Toys. Voice-only-a-mother-can-tolerate cute Furby™ (yep, they’re sticking around) and Despicable Me™ are all over Amazon, so let’s just get those crowd-pleasers out of the way…knowing that you can redeem your sanity by purchasing super-cool stuff from the likes of Kidzaw, B, and KIWI Shop.
  • Sassy Ones—The too-cool-for-school aged tweens and beyond can stay plugged in with gifts from Fe-media, Fat Brain Toys and all over Amazon and the Apple Store. Pull the plug and amp up creativity with any of the cool gifts you’ll find on Real Simple’s site. And attack that awkward phase with a gift that’s like a hug from an old aunt, the Awkward Moment Card Game from Uncommon Goods. Etsy is another go-to for matching one-of-a-kind kids with one-of-a-kind gifts. All of our ideas can be browsed on our Gifts for Kids Pinterest Board.

No matter the budget or the personality you’re buying for this holiday, giving something a little different can make a big difference in the size of smile you see on the receiving end of your holiday cheer.


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