Making every month Military Appreciation Month

How we help those who serve


The Department of Defense has designated May as “Military Appreciation Month”—a time for our nation to show its gratitude for the sacrifices service members have made in defense of our freedoms.

For us at Pioneer Services, though, every month is Military Appreciation Month.

When we chose in 1986 to focus on helping the military community, we knew that we would have to work tirelessly to find every possible way to improve the quality of life for military families. In the 27 years since we made our first military loan, we have stepped up time and again to help those who serve.

From fighting against garnishment of military paychecks, to arguing in favor of increased pay and benefits, to giving millions of dollars in cash and in-kind contributions, to paying our team members to volunteer in their communities, to our award-winning free financial education program, we have consistently been there for military families.

We ask that everyone find a way this Military Appreciation Month to show how much you care for our men and women in uniform, and then share with us what it is you’re doing in the comment section.

It could be volunteering at your local VA hospital, lending a hand to a military family in your area, or spending a day assisting with a Stand Down event. It doesn’t have to be grandiose, and it certainly doesn’t have to cost you anything more than a few hours of your day.

So join us—together we can truly change lives, one military family at a time. 


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