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Smartphone Apps Worth Celebrating

New-Years-headIn just hours, 2013 will be history—but there's still time to plan your New Year's celebration. Whether you prefer to go all-out at the biggest party you can find or stay home for a quiet night, there are plenty of smartphone apps that can help you have a ball.

Here I've highlighted some of the apps I plan to use to make my night go as smoothly as possible, so let's get to it.

Take Times Square With You

New-Years-TSFor many people, watching the ball drop in Times Square is a time-honored tradition. With the official Times Square ball app, you can keep up with the spectacle no matter where you are.

The app features a countdown timer, live stream of the TV broadcast—which includes live musical performances and celebrity appearances—and an option to upload and share your own New Year's Eve photos.

Impress Your Friends with Fancy Cocktails

If you want to mix up some special New Year's cocktails, there are tons of bartending apps out there that can help you look like a professional.

New-Years-MMMy personal favorite is Mad Men Cocktail Culture. Although I'll probably leave the three-piece suit at home on New Year's Eve, this app will help me capture the spirit of the 60s and mix some of the classiest cocktails imaginable.

Don't Lose Your Car

New-Years-MCI've lost track of where I parked my car more times than I care to remember. But now, instead of wandering aimlessly around an enormous parking lot or squinting at street signs to see if I'm even on the right street, I just use Parked Car Locator.

There are several apps of this style, so take your pick. When you're parking, simply click a button to lock in your location via GPS. When you or your designated driver are ready to find the car at the end of the night, the app will lead to right where you need to go with turn-by-turn directions.


It's worth saying even if you've heard it a million times – don't drink and drive! It's not worth it. If, like many people, you plan on consuming your fair share of adult beverages, please make sure you have a safe way home.

New-Years-CABThis is where an app like CURB comes into play. They let you summon a taxi with just a couple clicks. These apps give you real-time tracking so you can see nearby cabs and get an estimated time of arrival that's actually accurate. You can also, of course, contact Uber and pick up a ride.

Be Safe

Wherever you decide to ring in the New Year, and whatever apps you use along the way, just remember to stay safe out there. Thanks for reading and have a happy and prosperous New Year!

Jake Butler

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