The Ice Bucket Challenge

Service Members Get Involved in ALS Fundraising

By now you’ve probably seen plenty of people participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge on Facebook, YouTube, and all over the internet. While it may seem silly at first, it’s actually working to support a very noble cause – research and awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

The idea is simple – if challenged, you must make a video wherein you explain the reason you’re participating and dump a bucket of ice water all over yourself. Then you challenge three people to do the same. To go the extra mile, you can also donate as much as you want to ALS research.

It’s been less than one month since the challenge went viral and started gaining momentum, and so far the ALS Association has received $31.5 million in donations from over 637,000 new donors.

The challenge has reached far and wide – celebrities, athletes, and regular civilians alike are all coming together to contribute to the cause. Below we’ve compiled some animated gifs and videos of service members and people connected to the military doing the deed, as we celebrate the ongoing success of the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Have you or your family been affected by ALS? Or maybe you’ve taken the challenge yourself? Tell us about it in the comment section below. If you’d like to make a donation and skip the bucket of freezing water, please visit

Former President George W. Bush. Click here to watch the full video.Ice-bucket-challenge-George-W-2

Max Uriarte, creator of "Terminal Lance." Click here to watch the full video. TerminalLanceALSIceBucketChallenge2

Former Marine Rob Riggle with Horatio Sanz, Steve Higgins, The Roots, and Jimmy Fallon. Click here to watch the full video. Rob-Riggle-fallon-2

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith with the help of some soldiers. Click here to watch the full video.Torrey-Smith-Takes-Ice-Bucket-Challenge

Naval Academy Football Team. Click here to watch the full video. Navy-Football-ALS-Challenge-Mobile

Air Force Academy Basketball Team. Click here to watch the full video. AFABasketballICEBUCKETWithSloMo

Army Women's Basketball Team. Click here to watch the full video. IceBucketChallengeArmyWomensBasketballTeam

U.S. Navy Blue Angels. Click here to watch the full video. US2

Airmen in the field. Click here to watch the full video. ALS-ice-bucket-challenge-military-2

Soldiers leading off a big compilation. Click here to watch the full video.  Ice-Bucket-Challenges-ALS-Vine-Compilation

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