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Gear-headWhen it comes to shopping for military gear, you want to buy with confidence. Quality is important out in the field and tactical gear needs to be durable, reliable and comfortable through extensive use. That goes for everything – from socks and sunglasses to backpacks and holsters.

You might not be able to find everything you need at an exchange or a retail store, so shopping online is a viable alternative. Below I've highlighted some sites that will help you shop so you can be sure you're buying quality gear that you can depend on.

Product Reviews and Inspiration

As a general rule, you should always check product ratings and search the internet for reviews for anything you're considering buying. If there's a critical flaw in the way a product is designed, users may give it a low rating and explain the problem.

Gear-PictureThere are quite a few blogs out there dedicated to reviewing and comparing specific products as well. My favorite is Gear Scout, a section of Military Times. I thought this recent post was pretty cool – it's an illuminated pen for writing in partial or complete darkness. The short write-up offers a unique perspective that I hadn't even considered; this particular pen uses a standard AAA battery instead of the kind of odd, hard-to-find batteries in similar products. These are the kinds of insights you'll get from Rob Curtis over at Gear Scout.

Military Morons is one site that goes into great detail when reviewing products. It also has an archive , so there have been plenty of brands and a huge assortment of products discussed in its history. If a single pocket is out of place on a backpack, or a piece of webbing is missing its camo pattern, you'll know about it.

Shop From Anywhere

There are more online stores out there than we have time to talk about, but here I've highlighted a few reputable vendors for you to consider. is a veteran-operated business that ships to FPOs and APOs worldwide. They sell everything from adjustable boonies to breaching tools. There's a huge list of categories down the left side with many of the most popular brands. is a veritable online superstore. They run a lot of promos and maintain a pretty robust clearance section, with tons of brands to choose from. Even if you're on a tight budget you should still be able to find some nice gear.

U.S. Cavalry is a smaller shop, but I feel it does a much better job of showing reviews than some other sites. They do have a more limited selection, but you can still shop by closeout deals and specials to save some money.

Lastly, I checked out a site called Grey Ghost Gear – holy backpacks, Batman! I would start there if I needed a new pack. Even if you don't buy from them, you can still get an idea of how much a quality pack should cost and what kinds of features it should have.

Do you have a favorite store or gear-related blog we missed? Share it in the comments below.

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