Remembering the fallen

Memorial Day 2014


One of the promises we, as a nation, make to those who wear the uniform is to honor their sacrifices. Their selfless actions have helped shape both our country and the world as a whole, from planting the seeds of freedom during the Revolutionary War, to protecting those freedoms in the fight against terrorism.

This Memorial Day, we ask that you take a bit of time to remember all of those who have served our country. It could be telling your kids about how your father was in Vietnam, or grandfather in World War II. Maybe it’s going to a local museum or memorial to learn more or pay your respects. Or it could be putting up the flag and taking a few quiet moments to consider all of those who ensured it still flies free.

All of us at Pioneer Services send a heartfelt thank you to all of those who have served, and offer our respectful remembrances for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.


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