Nothing Less Than Full Victory

D-Day’s 70th Anniversary


By June of 1944, World War II had been raging for half a decade. The German military was on the verge of being pushed back, but was entrenched and determined to hold the ground they had gained.

And then, on June 6th, Operation Overlord began. It is still the largest amphibious assault in history, with a total of 5,000 ships, ranging from battleships to minesweepers to merchant marines, and 150,000 troops, descending upon the Normandy coast. They were to land and push to the east, all the way to Berlin.

It’s been seventy years since D-Day, but time has not dampened the honor, courage, and sacrifice shown that day. If anything, the passing of the years has shown it to have been a turning point—for both the war and the trajectory of human history.

We thank all of those who served on that day, and all of those who continue to serve the cause of freedom.

Below are some links to images, videos, and audio from that day.


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