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Being a military spouse is more than just saying “I do” to someone in the military. It’s the pride felt in a spouse’s service to our nation and the frustrations of dealing with bureaucracy…it’s the excitement of getting to see more of the world and the hassle of moving every few years…and the worries of deployment and the unbridled joy of homecomings.

Sometimes it can all be too much, even for the strongest of people. If it does get overwhelming there are organizations you can contact easily—and privately—from your computer.

Military OneSource

This site has proven itself to be an invaluable resource for military families. It has information on non-medical counseling, how to stay healthy while your spouse is deployed, education and careers, and even caregiver information and support.

Veteran’s Administration

Another resource that military families should utilize as often as possible, the VA’s eBenefits website provides a wealth of information. You can search for the type of support you need, such as counseling, whether you want it to be privately or government-ran, and in what state you need face-to-face assistance. It also provides information about Tricare and even the post-9/11 GI Bill.

National Military Family Association

The NMFA is a non-profit dedicated to assisting and supporting military families. Its website provides a wealth of topics and tips, from recent military-related news, studies, and even how to volunteer to help other families in need.

By spouses, for spouses, this website is full of helpful articles and tips (as is their printed magazine). They have special sections for PCS, deployment, careers and education. Best of all, it’s from those who have been there.

For the guys

While it is true that a majority of military spouses are females, there are thousands of military husbands out there as well. Enter—a.k.a. Macho Spouse—which is a website dedicated to all of the men out there living the military spouse lifestyle. Military One Source’s website also has a section for male spouses; it provides helpful info, including what to expect and what to do if the stress starts to get to you.

Pioneer Services

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our own Military Spouse Resource Center. It features electronic versions of our award winning book, links to info about finances and employment, and more, all for free.

The military life certainly isn’t for everyone, and the rewards more than outweigh the difficulties. But when those difficulties start to get to be too much, there are people and groups out there waiting to help.


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