Showing Some Appreciation

10 Ways to Say “Thank You!” to Our Military Men and Women


It’s Military Appreciation Month and we have 10 ways that you can say “Thank you” to those who serve our nation.


There are numerous military-focused groups that you can assist, from Stand Downs that help homeless veterans to the VA to the American Legion.


Sure, it can be money, but it could also be gently used items to a local group. Most installations also have food pantries that are always looking for non-perishable food and other items, and local Family Readiness Groups might help you find a military family to assist.

Honor the fallen

This Memorial Day, help set up flags at local cemetery or attend an event that honors those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Visit a military museum or monument

It could be the World War I museum in Kansas City, the myriad of monuments in our nation’s capitol, or a smaller local museum or memorial. Whatever it is, pay it a visit—and your respects.


There are literally thousands of books about military history, from famous battles to unusual characters. If you’re not into long reads, you can pull up some videos that cover the history of a certain time or place rich in military lore. The idea is that more knowledge will lead to a better appreciation of what the military does.

Help a local veteran

National groups like Rebuilding Together often assist older veterans, and there are many local groups that do the same. Or maybe you know one personally who needs some work around their house or just someone to talk to. Giving your time is free and they will most assuredly appreciate it.

Give discounts

If you own a business, offering military discounts is a fantastic way to show your thanks. Whether just in May or all year round, giving up a small percentage of the sale is something service members and their families will remember.

Send care packages

This is a great group project for you and your neighbors, coworkers, or the kids. The troops certainly appreciate it and it doesn’t take much time or money. Just make sure to only send approved items.

Help a spouse or family

Know someone with a deployed loved one? Have a coworker or neighbor who just got moved to the area? Offer them a day of help around the house, raise money to give them a spa day, or give them a “Welcome to the area” gift basket full of homemade treats.

Send a thank you card

Even in this digital age, service members love to get handwritten letters and notes. As a bonus, all it costs you is a bit of time and a stamp. Contact a local military group or go through a site such as to send yours.

Those who serve, and their families, make incredible sacrifices to protect our freedoms. It’s only right that we show our thanks to those who have given so much to our nation.


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