VJ Day

The End of World War II

Truman-Announcing-Japanese-SurrenderPresident Harry S. Truman announces Japan’s formal surrender in the Oval Office.

When most Americans think of World War II’s beginnings, they might consider Germany’s invasion of Poland or France, or maybe even the attacks on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941. But the war actually began way back in 1931, when Japan decided to invade mainland China. So when Japan formally surrendered to the United States on Sept. 2, 1945, there were celebrations not only in America, but around the world.

The following are some images highlighting how people from around the world celebrated the end of what will hopefully be the last world war. And we thank all of those who fought so bravely and supported the effort—there is a reason they are called the “Greatest Generation.”

Japanese-surrender-mac-arthur-speaking-ac02716General Douglas MacArthur reads the terms of surrender aboard the USS Missouri.

American-Troops-ParisAmerican GIs stationed in Paris read of Japan’s surrender.

BritishCelebration-VJ-DayBritish troops and citizens celebrate in London’s Piccadilly square.

PittsburghDowntown Pittsburgh was one of many to hold ticker tape parades days after the announcement.

v-j-day-1945One of the most famous images of the war, if not ever, took place in New York’s Times Square.

VJ-Day-on-the-Streets-of-Hollywood-2Residents of Hollywood celebrate the end of hostilities.


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