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Organization Helps Veterans Do Meaningful Work

missionI've been told a time or two that I may be addicted to community service—and I don't deny that for a second. Last month, I packaged food at the food bank, built a playground and slept in a cardboard box. 

I love how I feel when I give back to others, and I am so grateful to have found an organization like The Mission Continues that opened my eyes to my own capabilities. As a veteran, I have asked myself the very same questions so many other veterans have asked, and will ask themselves when transitioning from the military; “Now what? Where do we go from here?” 

The Mission Continues helped answer these questions for me through their fellowship program, and now gives me the opportunity to help others answer the very same questions. This national nonprofit organization empowers veterans to serve their country in new ways through two innovative and action-oriented programs.

The first—The Mission Continues Fellowship—harnesses veterans’ strengths, skills and compassion, empowering them to serve in their community on a daily basis over the course of six months. The second—The Mission Continues Service Platoons—brings together teams of veterans with local community organizations and volunteers to build stronger communities. This organization has helped thousands of post-9/11 veterans focus their talents and energy to tackle the challenges facing us here at home. Through a unique model that provides reciprocal benefits for the veteran and the local community, veterans volunteer to help others and through their service—building new skills that help them launch their civilian career. 

Through The Mission Continues Service Platoon program, I will be given the opportunity to lead again and bring together a team of veterans, who will partner with organizations and volunteers in my local community to make an impact. Platoons will be made up of approximately 30 veterans across all eras, and are launching nationwide. These platoons are about so much more than just volunteering, and that is the beauty in it.

Networking and a sharing of resources helps us heal and grow, and the camaraderie that we shared in the military is mirrored. We become part of a team again, a new team that includes the communities we are returning to. Our civilian counterparts are able to see that veterans are an asset, and we want to be utilized. We need to be engaged, and what better way than helping others?

To learn more or to get involved, visit or follow us on Twitter @missioncontinue.


About the author: Kristle Helmuth

Kristle Helmuth is a 27-year-old Army veteran, wife of a wounded warrior, and mother of two children. She's the author of Forget The Dog Not The Baby, a blog that chronicles her journey through healing and self-discovery. You can also check out more of her writing on SpouseBuzz.

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