VE Day

The World Celebrates the End of War

VE-Day1U.S. Army MPs read about Germany's surrender. (Source)

World War II was the deadliest conflict in world history, with millions of people losing their lives, many of them civilians. So there are few words to describe how people felt when the war in Europe officially ended May 8, 1945—joy, relief, gratitude … none can accurately convey the feelings of those who lived through it.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, these images of the celebrations after the end of the war are worth entire dictionaries. 

VE-Day2 Sir Winston Churchill waves to crowds in Whitehall, London on the day he broadcast the news that the war with Germany was over. (Source)


Many VE Day celebrations included mountains of ticker tape. (Source)VE-Day4

A few revelers in London took a dip in a fountain to celebrate the occasion. (Source)VE-Day5

Piccadilly in London was quickly flooded with people looking to celebrate the end of war. (Source)

VE-Day6 More than two million people filled Times Square in New York. (Source)

VE-Day7In Moscow, the celebrations began May 9 and continued until the next day. (Reports say they ran out of vodka in about 24 hours.) (Source)

VE-Day8Street parties were a popular way for communities in England to come together. Said Margret Brook, who was celebrating her sixth birthday May 8, 1945, "Colville Street, Liverpool, like the myriad of communities the length and breadth of Britain, celebrated by holding a street party. There was still rationing of many basic foodstuffs, but with careful planning, the families of the nation were going to celebrate the ending of the war in Europe." (Source)


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