Deployed Valentine’s Day

Ways to Celebrate

Valentines-DayCelebrating Valentine’s Day can be difficult if you have a deployed loved one. There are ways, however, to share the day no matter where in the world someone is stationed.

Care package

Care packages are always welcomed by deployed troops, and a special Valentine’s Day one is sure to be a hit. It could include a love letter (tame, or the “for his or her eyes only” variety), card (home made or otherwise), something from the kids (pictures, etc.), and the requisite candies and treats (but no chocolate, as it can melt).

Video chat

Talking on the phone is great, but being able to see each other is even better. Services like Skype have a proven track record of working well. If you can’t manage to synch up a time to chat, then pre-record a message and send it via email. In fact, that might be easier if you have kids if they tend to get a bit antsy.

Have a party

There’s a good chance you know other military spouses who have a deployed loved one, so have a party! It could be a movie night, maybe a night on the town, a wine tasting…just something fun. The whole idea is to be share some quality time with good friends.

Love it or leave it

If you think Valentine’s Day is too manufactured, or believe that every day should be one to share your love with others, then you could just blow off the entire thing. And that’s okay!  After all, if your heart isn’t into it 100%, there’s no reason to force the issue. If you don’t enjoy it, odds are your loved one won’t, either, so don’t feel pressured into anything.

But if you do choose to celebrate the day, the above ways can help make it one to remember.

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