What To Get Dad

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

fathers-day-headerFinding a gift for Father’s Day seems easy enough—after all, most guys are fairly low maintenance. And yet, when the time comes, many families aren’t sure what to get dear old dad. So we’ve found some gifts that might be great for you depending on his interests.

For the musician

If he plays guitar, something like an obsidian guitar pick might be just the thing. Or maybe he prefers to make his own picks—a pick punch would be perfect. And if he’s more into drums, an authentic Zildjian cymbal clock will keep him on time while he keeps time.

For the lover of good drink

If he has ever opened a bubbly beverage, only to have something happen that forces him to leave it behind, opened and getting flatter by the second, he can fear flat beer no more! This handy item can open and then re-seal his favorite beverage.

Man Crates has several choices of gifts, including one featuring custom, laser-etched pint glasses and coasters that double as bottle openers. If he’s more of a whiskey man, help him age his own in his very own aging barrel, which come in several sizes.

For the lover of good food

Four words: Chocolate dipped bacon roses. ‘Nuff said. Or you can go with a Gourmet Gift Basket containing anything from snacks, to micro-brews, to barbecuing items.

For the geek

Amazon is having a huge sale on Star Wars-related items that are great for reliving the past or preparing for the new movies coming in 2015.

If dad is a project kind of guy, Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share or the Geek Dad’s Guide to Weekend Fun are both great books full of terrific (and geeky) things to do.

Dads are never too old to Lego (and don’t let anyone tell them different!), so let him show off his building skills while enjoying a nice cup o’ joe with this building block cup.

For the handyman

Few things say “I’m here to get stuff done” like an old-school red toolbox. It’s American made and ready to work. Or, if he likes to have little helpers, The Handy Dad features 25 projects he and the kids can do together. 

For the cook

Help him share his love of all things culinary with the kids by getting the book My Daddy Cooks. There is also a companion website with recipes and ideas. If dad is into grilling, you can’t go wrong with yet another Man Crate—this one comes with a cast iron smoker box, thermometers, seasonings, and a brass-knuckle-style meat tenderizer so you can show that steak who’s boss.

For the new fathers

Dad is going to have to change some diapers along the way, whether he likes it or not. So you might as well let him do it in military style with this camo version of the classic diaper bag. Or, if he’s more of the Mr. Fix It type, how about one that looks like a toolbelt?

Your family’s new edition probably won’t have enough in his or her piggy bank yet to get dad something special. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be part of the fun with this onesie featuring a special message just for him.

For the techie

An LED light bulb? Booorrring. An LED light bulb you can turn off with your smartphone? Not so boring.

If he’s the type who enjoys watching TV, the Roku 3 is an affordable (around $100) way to stream video directly to his flatscreen. As a bonus, the remote doubles as a headphone jack, letting him catch up on any of his shows (it has Netflix, HBO Go, and some 1,000 other services available) while the family catches up on sleep.

If he likes to take pictures with his iPhone, the olloclip has a 4-in-1 lens that can take wide-angle and fisheye pictures, and also has a pair of macro lenses. It’s quite small, so it’s he can take it with him no matter where he goes.

For the movie fan

Almost every guy is a fan of quoting famous movie lines. Help ensure he gets some of them right with Godfather Classic Quotes, a book featuring lines from the movie, or I’m a Lebowski, You’re a Lebowski, which delves deeper into the cult classic.

No matter what you get dad this Father’s Day, if it comes from a place of love odds are he’ll appreciate it … even if it’s just a tie. (Although, if you do get him a tie, getting him a tactical one isn’t such a bad idea.)


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