Autism Resources For Military Families

Find The Assistance You Need

AutismheadHaving an autistic child can be difficult enough for any family. Add in the stresses that can arise from being part of a military family (such as frequent moves and the deployment of a parent) and it becomes even harder. To recognize April as both "Autism Awareness Month" and "Month of the Military Child," here are a few resources that can, hopefully, make things a bit easier.

  • Operation Autism—Perhaps the most comprehensive resources for military families with an autistic child, this site (ran by the Organization for Autism Research) should probably be your first stop. It has a wealth of information, from medical info to benefits to ways you can handle a PCS. It also has links to general autism news, such as research findings.
  •—This site serves as a way for military families to find an autism support group. It lacks much general information about autism, but it can make it easier to find those who are going through similar experiences.
  • Autism Action Partnership—While not specifically for military families, this site offers an amazing amount of links and other resources. 
  • ACT Today—Autism Care and Treatment (ACT) Today for Military Families is a not-for-profit organization that raises awareness and provides treatment services to families that cannot afford them. This includes providing financial assistance for families who might not be able to fully cover out-of-pocket costs for treatment (an important program given recent changes in TriCare reimbursement rates).

Being a parent is a challenge in and of itself—having a child with special needs just adds to it. But there is no reason to go it alone! Hopefully, these resources will give you the support you and your autistic child need.


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