Celebrating National Military Family Appreciation Month

Honoring all of those who serve, even at home

NMFAMNational Military Family Appreciation Month originally started in 1996 when the Armed Services YMCA (ASYMCA) wanted a way to thank military families for the sacrifices they make. It has been recognized by the President and Congress ever since, and has become especially meaningful since the attacks of 9/11.

Over the past few years, we have created many blogs aimed at helping military families, whether it is tips on how to handle their finances, information about key benefits, and even some unique ways to have fun.

For the whole family

  • Supporting Military Families—Some ways anyone can support the military family (or even families) in their life.
  • Bringing Home Baby—A new family addition can be both exciting and stressful. This blog gives some tips on how to make it easier.
  • Social Media Safety—Social media has become integral to our lives, but keeping safe while surfing it is key.
  • Checklist for a Happy Military Marriage—Married military life is not the same as married civilian life. This blog looks at how to navigate some of the challenges.

For the kids

  • Keeping Your Kid Safe—From car seats to smart sleeping, tips on keeping your youngsters out of danger.
  • Resources for At Need Children—Being the parent of an at-need child can be tough and stressful and even confusing. Thankfully, there are resources out there to help military families.
  • Autism Resources for Military Families—Children with autism can have a wide variety of needs, but there are many assistance programs out there to help.
  • Helping Kids Adjust to a New School—Moves are a part of military life, which can be difficult for kids who have to start a new school every few years. This blog has some tips that can hopefully smooth the transition.

For spouses

  • Military Spouse Resource Center—This section of our website has a wealth of resources for military spouses.
  • Online Spouse Support—Being a military spouse can be challenging on a number of levels. Thankfully, there are organizations you can contact easily and privately from your computer.
  • Military Spouse Career Challenges—Guest contributor Lori Volkman explores the career portability challenges facing military spouses.

Fun time

  • Frugal Vacation Ideas—Taking a “typical” family vacation can be expensive, but there are several affordable options for vacation fun.
  • A Twist to Thanksgiving Favorites—Make your Thanksgiving unique with some of these unusual takes on traditional dishes.
  • Military Resorts—When it’s time to get away, there are several options that cater specifically to military families.

Family finances

  • Transferring GI Bill Benefits— Sometimes, those who serve aren’t able to use their full GI Bill benefits. Thankfully, there are ways they can transfer some or all of them to a family member.
  • Scholarships for Military Dependents— Military dependents have a distinct advantage when it comes to paying for school thanks to the thousands of grants and scholarships available to them. This blog can help get the search started.
  • Daycare Spending— Choosing the right daycare for your kids can make all the difference, providing you with peace of mind and your kids with a fun learning experience.
  • Teaching Kids Good Savings Habits—We came up with some fun ways to start a lifetime of good savings habits in your kids.

On behalf of everyone at Pioneer Services, thank you to all of our military families for everything you do for our nation!


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