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The Dangers of Live-Fire Exercises

Any time you’re dealing with live ammunition – be it a training exercise or real-world combat – safety is always of the utmost importance. A service member must act quickly, with extreme care and precision when handling munitions.

But things don’t always go as planned. Whether it’s human error or equipment failure, one thing is sure: you better react quickly when things go wrong.

In this edition of Friday Funnies, we’ve got 11 gifs from military units all around the world that showcase the dangers of live-fire exercises as well as the benefits of having quick reflexes.

Because sometimes your best bet is to turn around and hightail it out of there:

01 Close Call 1

Other times, you don’t really have a choice in the matter:

02 Parachute

When you’re dealing with guns, don’t forget the basics. Like checking the safety:

03 Close Call 2

And standing clear of ejected shell casings:

04 Hot Shell

Keep in mind that bigger typically means more recoil:

05 Recoil

If you’re training with live grenades, make sure you throw them straight:

06 Grenade 1

No, not like that. I said throw it straight!

07 Grenade 1

Getting it over the barricade is also important:

08 Grenade 1

Okay, this is just getting silly:

09 Grenade 4

A good drill instructor can help you escape, but sometimes you’re on your own:

10 Tear Gas

When all else fails...RUN AWAY!!

11 Artillery Fail
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