Friday Funnies

The Military Family Month Edition

As November draws to a close, so too does Military Family Month. We ran a blog roundup earlier this month to recap some of the resources, tips, and advice we’ve written about in the past, all of which pertains to military families, so be sure to check that out if you missed it.

Today, however, we want to show our appreciation in a different way, and there’s no better way than having a good laugh. So for this edition of Friday Funnies, we’ve scoured the web for memes, military humor, and funny images that every military family can relate to.

If you’re already part of a military family, this is the perfect time to let you know how much we appreciate you.01Special If you’re just starting up a relationship, you’re in for quite a journey. For starters, just know that it’s okay to be a little socially awkward. 02SAP Because when you find that special someone, you know they’re in it for all the right reasons.03Tricare Remember: when you’re setting up a date night, don’t tell your superiors why you’re requesting leave.04LeaveDenied As the relationship progresses, soon you’ll think about each other day and night.05HoldMe You’ll have someone by your side who understands the daily struggles of a military career.06Marines And how things aren’t always what you expect.07Navy But they’ll always be there to leave you little love notes and make you smile.08Grenade You’ll learn to cherish their honesty. Like when they insist you take a proper shower.09Bath At that point, you’ll both start to feel more comfortable with military life.10CasualFriday And soon you’ll be married, and then you can BOTH travel the world and experience new things.11Travel Of course, that brings some first world problems along with it.12FWPPizza 13FWP2 Eventually you’ll get the hang of military life while still being able to relate to civilians.14Wives And by then, it’s time to start a beautiful family, which is awesome for many reasons.15FamilyTraining Because you know that being part of a military family is special.16Kids

We hope you’ve enjoyed Military Family Month this November. For more memes and funny pictures, check out our military humor board on Pinterest.

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