Friday Funnies for Military Appreciation Month

Thanking Military Spouses For All You Do

01YoureSpecialIn 1984, Ronald Reagan recognized the important role that military spouses play in supporting the efforts of the U.S. military and created Military Spouse Appreciation Day, to be celebrated on the Friday before Mother’s Day each year.

So today we take time out to thank all military spouses out there for your contributions and all of the sacrifices you make to ensure your significant others are successful in their mission to protect our country.

So thanks. You are awesome, and the things you do on a daily basis deserve to be celebrated.

In an effort to put a smile on your faces, we’ve collected some funny and light-hearted images related to life as a milspouse. Because if you can’t laugh at your troubles and celebrate the special moments, what hope do we have?

We know you’re proud of who you stand behind, and civilian jobs are no comparison.

02yoursmine1 03yoursmine2

Whether you’re a new mom…


…or you’re still getting used to the military life, we know things can get stressful.


But those trials can make you stronger!


Even if military life might take some getting used to.


And that includes learning the language…


…and dealing with frequent moves.

9PCS1 10PCS2truck

You may start to define things differently than civilians.


And it might make you a little kooky.


But ultimately, what you do is a big deal, even if other people don’t always know it.


Thanks again for all you do! The Armed Forces wouldn’t be the same without you.

For more military memes and funny images, check out our military jokes and humor board on Pinterest.

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