Month of the Military Child

A Roundup of Past Kid-Centric Blogs

MMC-HeadApril is “Month of the Military Child,” a time to look at just how different growing up in the military can be for some kids and recognize that they, too, often serve our nation in their own way. We’ve covered many topics relating to kids over the past few years—and here are a few of the more notable ones.

  • Teaching kids about money—Helping your kids learn smart money habits early can lead to a lifetime of success. We give you some tips on how to do it.
  • Money games—In this blog we go over ways to teach kids about money that are fun for both them and you!
  • Daycare spending—The cost of daycare can grow quickly. Thankfully there are options for military families that are convenient and cost effective.
  • Summer doldrums—Summer can be incredibly exciting for a kid, but can sometimes be a tad boring. This post looks into ways to make those dog days fun.
  • Dealing with deployment—Children can take a parent’s deployment very hard, with emotions ranging from confusion to anger. It’s a delicate subject, but we provide a few suggestions on how to handle it.
  • Helping kids cope—Being part of a military family brings with it a number of difficult issues and situations that some kids have a difficult time processing. There are ways, however, to help them get through it.
  • Advantages of being a military kid—Kids who grow up in military families might face additional challenges, but they also gain a wealth of advantages. This blog lists just a few.
  • Resources for at-need children—Having a child with special needs can be incredibly difficult on many levels. Thankfully, there are several programs that can help make it easier.
  • Scholarships for military dependents—There are a multitude of scholarships just for the kids of military members, and we take a look at a few places to find them.

We hope you enjoy these blogs, and encourage you to come back and check out our new ones throughout the month!


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