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DayoftheDeployedToday is National Day of the Deployed, where we honor all of our country’s troops out on deployment and the families that stand behind them here at home. The men and women of the Armed Forces have a tough job to do, and are frequently separated from their loved ones for extended periods of time while they put their lives on the line. They do it to keep the rest of us safe, and we should never take their sacrifices for granted.

National Day of the Deployed was founded in 2006 by Shelle Michaels Aberle in partnership with John Hoeven, who was the governor of North Dakota at the time. He was the first governor to celebrate our deployed troops in a formal proclamation, and since 2006 the idea has snowballed. In 2011, as a senator, Hoeven co-sponsored S.RES.295, a proposal that called for a national day of recognition. It passed with a unanimous vote. 

So today we offer a sincere thank you to all the service members and military families who have gone through deployments over the years. We wanted to take this opportunity to share some resources we’ve put together in the past that could offer some support and comfort. Below you’ll find links to other blogs full of helpful tips, guidance, and advice for some common challenges that deployment brings.

  • Pre-Deployment Readiness Checklist: Life can get awfully complicated as your deployment date approaches. Between preparation, training, and having to say goodbye to your loved ones, it’s easy to let small but crucial details slip through the cracks. Before you gear up and get ready to head out, make sure you have all your bases covered.
  • Dealing with Deployment: The Department of Defense estimates 44% of active-duty service members are parents. That’s a lot of kids, and dealing with deployment is a huge challenge. This blog – originally created for Month of the Military Child – could help equip you with the resources you need as a parent to help your kids handle the stress.
  • Keeping Connected During Deployment: Nobody likes to be away from their loved ones, but it’s the reality that service members and their families have to deal with quite frequently. Here we’ve shared some creative ways to stay connected during deployment, with some key considerations and advice for making your communication efforts count.
  • Care Package 101: Everybody loves getting a care package, right? Simply put, we know what to send and how to send it. From favorites to necessities, entertainment to food, and supplies they can’t find anywhere else, we tell you how to box it up and ship it out.
  • VPNs for Overseas Deployment: Having trouble accessing your favorite websites overseas? Netflix, Pandora, and even YouTube videos might be blocked outside of the U.S. Here we show you how to hook up a virtual private network to get around those pesky regional restrictions.
  • Support Resources of Military Spouses: It’s always tough when your partner has to leave home. But you’re not alone! Whether you’re living on base or off, you’ve got a whole support network built in around you. This guide outlines some of the resources available to military spouses – from face-to-face counseling to online blogs and forums, we cover it all right here.
  • Post-Deployment Tips: There’s nothing like a good homecoming. Emotions run high and there's plenty of catching up to do. Once things have settled down, it may be time to make sure you’ve got your finances in order. This guide has some financial tips to consider as you make yourself at home.
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