2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Ideas For Every Budget

Father’s Day used to be somewhat predictable: dad would get a tie or something to help around the house, and maybe a nice steak dinner. Now, however, there are gifts for every type of dad and budget. We found some that might just be perfect for yours, depending on the type of guy he is.


  • Matches get wet and lighters run out of butane. But this fire starter works no matter the conditions. Of course, if he would prefer to not wait for his campfire, there’s always the Bison Airlighter (pictured above) that can light your coals in mere seconds.
  • Being properly hydrated is essential, but carrying water into the woods is impractical (not to mention heavy). A good water filter can ensure he’s never thirsty on his camping trips.
  • Things break, rip, or otherwise happen on the trail. Thankfully, Tenacious Tape can fix pretty much anything. (Seriously. I have some and it is impressive stuff!) It comes in a roll or handy patch kits.
  • Gone are the days of hikers taking tents and having to deal with polls, stakes, and finding a good spot. Now, tent hammocks rule the day, as they're lighter, easier to set up, and are incredibly comfortable to sleep in. There are several manufacturers, and prices can range from around $100 all the way up to $600 or more. (A quick Amazon search comes up with many options.)

Fixer UpperRotoZip 

  • If the handyman in your life doesn’t have a RotoZip already, get him one and watch as he finds all kinds of project he can now do.
  • For the guy who loves to work on furniture but might not have enough skills (or tools) to build from scratch, The Furniture Bible gives info on how to find and restore older furniture.
  • Keeping tools sharp and in shape is not only functional, but a safety issue as well (a dull knife is a dangerous knife). So get him a sharpening setup and help him keep his edge.
  • Bench cookies aren't a snack—they are an amazing way to lift, adjust, and position dad's projects. (Seriously. I have some, and these things are so handy he'll wonder how he ever lived without them.)


  • Biking is always popular, and having a good ride can make a huge difference. Miir bicycles look great and come in various sizes and models. Even better: For every bike they sell, Miir donates another bike to a person in need either in the U.S. or Africa.
  • And what if he needs to make repairs to his bike while on the road? The Woodsie has every tool he’ll need to get back up and cycling quickly.
  • When the folks from Hudson Sutler made a golf shoe bag, they were sure it would be a handy item to have out on the course. During “field testing” they discovered that it works really well as a cooler, too! (Although we do suggest you remove the shoes first.)
  • If pops is a runner, then the Timex Ironman should be on his wrist. It tracks miles and fitness, has space for 1,000 of his favorite tunes, and even comes with one year of AT&T data so he can also receive messages and share his fitness milestones. 



  • Hot sauce has become the hot thing, with new peppers and flavors being incorporated all the time. Now, dad can make his own sauce at home as spicy—or mild—as he wants it.
  • If dad is into cutting edge cuisine, then he’ll need some info on molecular gastronomy, which is essentially new ways and techniques of cooking food using science as the basis. (It sounds fancy, and kind of is, but don’t let that scare you.) This kit from Amazon is one of many available, with prices differing on what each kit offers.
  • Make sure your dad eats like a man with the Eat Like A Man cookbook from the folks at Esquire magazine. It includes a ton of basic recipes (75 in all) and prep tips that can help turn dad into a true kitchen master.
  • For the perfectionist cook, this cutting board (pictured above) comes with exact angles and measurements already in the board, ensuring everything is as is should be (read: perfect).

So get out there and get dad something memorable this Father’s Day!


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