Friday Funnies: Tax Time Edition

Finding humor in the inevitable

ComplainingThe old saying is that the only sure things in life are death and taxes. And while we don’t have anything in America quite as silly as a tax on beards (as was placed on Russians by Peter the Great in 1705 as a way to encourage the clean-shaven look so popular throughout Europe at the time) or strangely high taxes on playing cards and dice (which were in place in England from 1710 until 1960), bucking up every Spring can still be a frustrating experience.

So to give you a slight break, here are some light-hearted takes on tax season. Sure, laughter isn’t deductible on your 1040, but it can at least give you a nice break from trying to figure out whether or not you can claim your dog as a dependent.


Quite the existential question.


In American military, taxes pay YOU!


**raises one eyebrow like The Rock**
**fails to look anywhere as cool as The Rock**
** cries**


We all know who runs things.


Listed under “donations to charity”…?


He’s hoping his refund goes to 9000.


Seems legit.


Or, if you’re me, about a week and a half.


You had me at “refund.”


They say money talks. Too often it says “Good bye!”


But where did all that money go … ?


Oh. That’s where all that money went.


Beacause of course he did.

Mark Dye

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