Friday Funnies: Valentine's Day

A Light-Hearted Take

Valentine’s Day is a polarizing holiday that often elicits a wide range of emotional reactions. Romantics, jokers, cynics, and children all look at it from different perspectives. Whether you view it as “Singles Awareness Day,” or the day before candy goes on sale, or if you put your heart and soul into romancing that special someone, one thing is certain: A good Valentine’s card should make you laugh.

On this edition of Friday Funnies, we’ve gathered some memes, cards and other amusing images from around the web for a light-hearted take on Valentine’s Day. And let’s face it: If you’re love sick this time of year, laughter may be the best medicine.


We’ll start with the cynics. Whether you’re single, apathetic, or you just don’t like other people, we’ve got some images to keep you smiling.

Let us know if you find this rare gem hidden in a bag of candy hearts:01Meh Just think of the money you’ll save by not celebrating!

02VodkaWe probably don’t need to tell you how weird the concept of Cupid really is.

03CupidDon’t worry, we won’t ask you to help us write any love poems.

04GrumpyCatYou know February 14 is only special because it’s the day before candy goes on sale.



Like the cynics, you jokers have a sense of humor about the holiday, albeit a little less sarcastic. We’ve got you covered too.

You may have a little more self-awareness than most people.

06DatingYou may be able to leverage the holiday for your own benefit.

07TVJust don’t mess with a Texas man’s valentine.

08TexasMaybe you picked your sweetie because they understand your references.

09MauryOr maybe because they like goofy animals.

10OtterOr animals with chainsaws for hands.

11BearThey know you’re weird, but that’s ok, because your relationship is special.



Shifting from cynics and jokers to children is probably the best way to show how many different Valentine’s Day perspectives are possible. For many of them, it’s the perfect opportunity to tell their parents, friends and teachers they’re appreciated – or at least attempt to. Here are some cards and letters written by kids to take you back to a more innocent state of mind.

It’s certainly nice when they rhyme.13Letter1

Even when they aren't very poetic, it’s the thought that counts.14Letter2

And clearly some kids take showing their appreciation to the next level.15Letter3

The things they thank you for may seem a bit odd.17Letter5

But it’s good to know they’re keeping you in their thoughts. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!

Jake Butler

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