Happy Holidays from Pioneer Services

Wishing You a Merry and Bright Holiday Season

HAppy-HolidaysThe holidays are in full swing and we hope you’re able to take time out to enjoy everything the season has to offer. To all who have served, whether you’re away from home over the holidays, traveling to visit loved ones, or holding down the fort at home, we want to thank you for selflessly protecting our country in 2016 and into the new year. We wish you a very bright and merry holiday season full of friends, family and fond memories.

And let’s face it – for many military families, the holidays can bring about a lot of challenges. Whether it’s last-minute shopping on a tight budget, high-profile unit functions, or traveling halfway across the world, we hope our Holiday Do’s and Don’ts video can bring a smile to your face and provide some well-needed words of encouragement:

Happy holidays from all of us at Pioneer Services!

Jake Butler

About the author: Jake Butler

Jake Butler is a staff writer at Pioneer Services who understands the challenges facing modern military families. He writes informative and entertaining pieces about military life, financial education and everything in between. Follow Jake on Google+.

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