Thank You, Veterans

Honoring Our Nation’s Military Veterans

Veterans_Day_16The American military started from humble beginnings in Revolutionary times with state militias helping protect key strongholds like West Point, New York and Fort Pitt, Pennsylvania. While the Army was established in 1775, it wasn't until 1789 that George Washington pushed Congress to pass a bill allowing the president to call members of state militias into service.

Through it all, the goal of the military was simple – to protect the American people. Since the beginning, service members have fought to uphold the values and freedoms we so often take for granted in America, serving with courage, honor and distinction.

That mission continues today, and Veterans Day is our chance to give thanks to the men and women of the U.S. military for the sacrifices they’ve made in keeping us all safe – and to thank their families as well. Without their bravery and dedication, we would be lost.

So today, we at Pioneer Services want to offer our most sincere thanks to all of our country’s veterans and military families. We salute your patriotism and valor, as you are the shining light that has carried our nation through its darkest times, and we know you will continue to lead by example.

Happy Veterans Day!

Jake Butler

About the author: Jake Butler

Jake Butler is a staff writer at Pioneer Services who understands the challenges facing modern military families. He writes informative and entertaining pieces about military life, financial education and everything in between. Follow Jake on Google+.

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