Thanking our Vietnam Veterans

‘Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day’


The Vietnam War was one of the most contentious here at home—you had those drafted to serve in it, and those at home protesting against it, with animosity and misunderstandings filling the void between them.

As the years have rolled on, our nation has worked on repairing the wounds suffered on the homefront, with Congress establishing “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day” in 2011 as part of that effort. The goal is to establish March 30 as the day we take time to remember and thank Vietnam veterans for their service.

It is also part of 13 years of government-led events surrounding the Vietnam War. Starting in 2012 on the 50th anniversary of its beginning, and going through 2025 (which will mark 50 years since the fall of Saigon), events will be held throughout the nation to highlight the service and sacrifices of all those who fought in and supported the effort. There is even a website,, which shares and recaps events and information.

For this Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day, find a way to thank someone who served in the war. Depending on your age, it could be a friend, co-worker or, if you’re like me, a father and father-in-law. Let them know you appreciate their service and will do all you can to ensure everyone who wears the uniform gets the welcome home they deserve.


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