What it Means to be Military Friendly

On a Mission to Help Military Families: Part 4

Veterans_Jodi_2Pioneer Services is committed to supporting communities, and paying it forward to national and local military-related organizations through sponsorships, donations and volunteering.

Jodi believes we’ve demonstrated a long-term commitment to being present and a part of the community. “We’re not just there 9-5 when our doors are open, we’re on the installation, in spouse groups, in the schools. We are part of that community because it’s one that is bound by trust. It’s important that people see us there.”

Sometimes that requires being there late into the night. One particular story stands out during her time in the Fort Hood branch office. “I was often out at odd hours, through many long nights during deployment send-offs working with the USO. One morning we were working at a USO booth in a hangar handing out snacks and other things for their travels. An entire section was being deployed, which means they needed to leave everything behind including cell phones. A soldier came to our booth whose wife had just gone into labor. He used our cell phone to stay connected with her until he had to leave. Situations like this deeply impacts people’s lives and we’re proud to do anything we can at those times.”

Jodi is committed to building a culture of employees who feel the same way, and to empower them. “I support a culture that allows employees to make decisions. I trust that our team can make good decisions and discern those situations where we need to act. Having to go through too many layers would hold them back, so I trust their judgment to help however needed.”

Giving back includes volunteering. Pioneer Services offers employees up to two days of paid time-off a year to volunteer in their community during a regular work day, a total of 2,500 potential volunteer hours across the company. According to Jodi, “This policy is our way of telling employees that it’s okay -- and even expected – for them to give their time and talents in the service of others. Individually, employees can support their charity of choice. From a corporate perspective, we support organizations that have a military focus.”

We also donate to and sponsor national non-profits that make a difference for service members and families. “We choose to support organizations that are like-minded so we know our dollars will go to the right place, and have the greatest impact.” These include AUSA, Wounded Warrior Battalion, spouse and veterans groups, to name a few.

This is part of a series of blogs featuring Pioneer Services employees who have a connection to the military. Part of what makes us unique is our background with the Armed Services. Together, our team members have more than 500 years of military experience as former service members or spouses. We’ve asked some of them to describe what working for a military friendly company means to them.


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