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When you lead a military life, dealing with money matters can be hard. Here's a one-stop shop for understanding and managing your finances. View Guide


Military Spouse Finance Guide

Written specifically for the heroes of the homefront, this book provides a wide range of easy-to- use financial tips and information for military spouses. View Guide


Pre-Deployment Guide

Getting ready to deploy? These tips will help you complete key administrative, legal and financial tasks before you go for a smooth transition. View Guide


Budgeting For Couples

More than half of all divorces are caused by money problems. This guide shows couples how to come to an agreement about money and live happily ever after. View Guide

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Financial-Pep-Talk_No_BorderThe Financial PEP Talk podcast series from Pioneer Services is a quick, easy way to learn more about your finances. Choose from a variety of topics in audio and video format.



You may not think of military service and money matters as two topics that go hand in hand. But you should! Whether you’re in the military or married to someone who is, your finances and personal affairs can be hard to manage—and even harder to straighten out—if you let it get ahead of you. These guides can help you manage your affairs, tame your money troubles and address your finances.

2016 Military Pay Charts >

The 2016 military pay chart outlines the details for basic pay, drill pay, incentives, allowances and special pay for all ranks and branches of the U.S. military, effective January 1, 2016.

The MLA and SCRA>

The Military Lending Act and Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act are two laws that provide military members (and, in some cases, their families) with certain financial protections. We give a very short rundown that we hope will give you a better idea of what each law does.

Support Resources for Military Spouses>

Let’s be honest: military life is not without its challenges. But it’s ok to ask for help! From programs created and supported by the Department of Defense to online support communities geared towards spouses, there are plenty of ways to get the help and guidance you need.

Vacation Savings and Tips>

Summer vacation is almost a rite of passage for many families. It can be a bit tougher for military families due to things like deployments and limited time off, but there are a number of special deals and discounts that can save you money on their next trip.

Comprehensive deployment guide>

This collection of tips is designed to help service members and their families organize and manage essential matters and resolve key issues before and after a deployment. We hope it will help you avoid unnecessary difficulties during the process.

The power of compounding interest>

Compound interest has been called the “eighth wonder of the world” and one of the best inventions. While who said those things is up for debate, the facts are not: compound interest is the best way for your money to grow quickly. This guide takes a look at how it works.

Complete Guide to Military Grants >

For eligible service members, veterans, and their dependents, the DoD offers a number of federally-funded financial aid and grant programs for everything from education to small business to home remodeling. This guide provides information on many different military grants and how to apply for each one.

Perfecting your PCS  >

Being moved frequently is one of those things about military life you just can’t change. So when your family gets orders to relocate, it’s important that you follow the rules and take advantage of all of the programs and extras the military offers. This guide goes over some of those rules and extras, and provides a few other tips for your next PCS.

Paying for college >

There are many ways to pay for college, and utilizing only one of them might cause you to leave essentially free money just sitting there, unused. This guide goes over options to pay for continuing education, from savings plans to scholarships to other financial aid. 


Mistakes are just part of life, but when it comes to your credit report, mistakes might cost you a pile of money. This guide show you how to challenge errors on your credit report so you get the credit you deserve.

The Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act >

The Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act,” or SCRA, provides legal and financial protections to those called to active duty. Many times, however, there is confusion about how the law works and what it covers. This guide might help clear up that confusion.

2014 Military Pay Charts >

The 2014 military pay chart from the Defense Financing and Accounting Service outlines basic pay, drill pay, allowances, incentives and special pay for all ranks and branches in a way that's easy to understand.

Avoiding phishing, preventing identity theft >

Phishing and identity theft can take months to sort out — and ruin your finances for years to come. Learn how to protect yourself, and what to do if you’ve already been a victim.

VA Home Loan Smarts  >

Looking to buy a home? A VA Loan may be your best financing option, but being in the military doesn’t make getting one a sure thing. Here’s how to make the process easy and fast, so you can focus on finding a home.

MILITARY SPOUSE resources  >

Are you a military spouse—the one who controls the finances while your spouse is deployed, handles frequent moves with resolve and acts as the support system for your military loved one? Good news: We’ve compiled some essential information, organized by topic, to help make your busy life a little bit easier to manage.


Ready to get a better grasp on your credit, budget and financial picture? These easy-to-follow tools and tips are intended to help you better understand and potentially improve your credit, prioritize and possibly reduce your debt, and put you on the right path financially.

PRE-DEPLOYMENT checklist >

This collection of tips will help service members and their families better organize and manage essential matters and resolve key issues before you deploy. Use it to help tame a time of great anxiety and uncertainty while avoiding unnecessary difficulties after deployment.


More than half of all divorces are caused by money problems. And on a military salary, financial missteps can add up to big problems down the road. This guide will help show you and your spouse how to come to an agreement about money.


Debt may be a fact of American life, but having too much can be crippling, especially for military families. Find out why not all debt consolidation loans are created equal and how to make the best choice for your budget and your family.


Service members and their families are often targets of scams, from calls claiming to be from the Red Cross to unnecessary financial products. Learn how you and your family can avoid scams, get the right loan for the right price and protect your financial future.


Payday loans are technically now severely restricted for service members and their dependents, yet some storefront and online lenders may still try to find ways around the law. Don’t succumb—instead, check out these smarter alternatives to get you the help you really need, minus the huge headaches you don’t.


Financial terms are an alphabet soup of acronyms and industry jargon that can be confusing to say the least! Here's an overview of basic terms so you’ll be in the know the next time you work with a bank, lender or other financial services provider.


After the excitement of returning home has passed, it’s time to revisit your personal and financial affairs. Here’s how to adjust to the new fiscal realities of being home while preparing yourself for a more secure financial future.


Investing isn't just reserved for the wealthy! Anyone can make their money work for them through a number of financial tools, from savings accounts to CDs to annuities and beyond. Here’s an overview of the options.


Everybody needs a little extra money now and then to pay bills or cover unexpected expenses. From pawn shops to credit cards to bad credit military loans, the options abound. Here’s how to evaluate what those “loans” really cost you, and how to get the help you need now, without getting hurt later.