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GI Bill Benefit Transfers and Student Loan Forgiveness
Know Your Options

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How the DoD is Implementing Smart Changes

Breaking Down the Blended Retirement System
Making Sense of Your Military Retirement Plan

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On a Mission to Help Military Families: Part 4

Jodi_Blog_3_Thumb What it Means to be Military Friendly
On a Mission to Help Military Families: Part 3

Jodi_Blog_2_Thumb_3 What it Means to be Military Friendly
On a Mission to Help Military Families: Part 2

MAM_19_Blog_Thumb_2 2019 Military Spouse & Family Survey
Infographic Detailing the Facts and Figures

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Get Smart With Our Financial PEP Talk

The Financial PEP Talk podcast series is a quick and easy way to learn how to better manage your money. It features both audio and video episodes covering a wide variety of topics.

Financial Pep talk video series

These short educational videos cover a wide range of subjects, including how to help repair your credit, how to reduce your debt, and various other topics. Press play and click the forward button to view different videos in this series, or click the links below to view on YouTube.

10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Lender Things military families should look for when choosing which lender might be best for them.

The Military Lending Market > An overview of the military market and the lending options that are available.

Credit Repair Kit Part 1: 30 DaysFind out how to fix your credit! This video goes over what steps to take in the first 30 days of your credit repair journey. (Part 1 of a 4 part series.)

Credit Repair Kit Part 2: 60 DaysThis video covers the steps you need to take during the first 60 days of the credit repair process. (Part 2 of a 4 part series.)

Credit Repair Kit Part 3: 90 Days > This video covers the steps you need to take within the first 90 days of the credit repair process, building off the 30-and 60-day steps. (Part 3 of a 4 part series.)

Credit Repair Kit Part 4: OnwardThis video goes over what you need to move onward with your finances after you've finished the credit repair process, including how to increase your credit score. (Part 4 of a 4 part series.)

Five Tips For Reducing Debt > There's no way in modern life to get around having debt, but there are five ways to help reduce that debt when it gets to be too much.

Increase Your Credit ScoreLearn how to potentially increase your credit score by taking advantage of the factors that create it.

Financial Pep talk Audio Series

You can download the PEP Talk and take it with you! Simply right click the link, choose "Save As" or "Save Target As" and select the destination on your computer or device.

EPISODE #1: SETTING FINANCIAL GOALS > Knowing where you want to go financially won’t mean much if you don’t know how to get there. This Financial PEP Talk episode shows how easy it is to set tangible—and attainable—financial goals by using some simple tips to organize your financial plan.

EPISODE #2: SPENDING AND SAVINGS PLANS > Go beyond a basic budget and become more active in managing your finances! The ideas in this episode of the Financial PEP Talk can give you the tools you need to track and cut spending, prioritize your debts, and follow-through with a plan on how to spend (and save) your money.

EPISODE #3: THE CREDIT CARD ACT: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW > This episode of the Financial PEP Talk covers the Credit CARD Act, and how it will affect both your credit card statement and your rights as a cardholder. It looks at the three main changes in the act: interest rates, fees, and billing practices.

EPISODE #4: MAKE YOUR NEXT TRIP MORE AFFORDABLE & LESS STRESSFUL > This episode of the PEP Talk covers the ways you can save on your next family vacation. From travel, to lodging, to ways to save once there, this podcast will give you the info you need to make your next trip more affordable, and less stressful.

EPISODE #5: THE VA HOME LOAN PROGRAM: AFFORDABLE HOME OWNERSHIP > This podcast will give you information about the VA home loan process, how to find a good lender, and how to look for the little things that can make a big difference in turning a house into a home.

EPISODE #6: SIMPLE TIPS TO MAKE YOUR MILITARY DEPLOYMENT GO EASIER > Military deployments can be stressful enough without having to worry about your finances. This podcast gives you some seemingly-small tips that can actually make a big difference in ensuring you can focus on your military duties, rather than money problems back home.

EPISODE #7: TIPS FOR SMART HOLIDAY SPENDING > The key to a successful holiday season isn't how much you spend or how many presents you buy — it's about spending smart. Learn how you can get the things you want this year without getting a pile of credit card and other bills to start the next one, and make your holiday season financially bright!

EPISODE #8: THE 2010 GUIDE TO GIFT CARDS > Gift cards are the most requested gift during the holidays, and this podcast can make sure you get the most out of your gift card dollar. From new federal consumer protections to what to look for when buying an e-gift card, this podcast can help you make this holiday season one to remember!

EPISODE #9: HOW TO ORGANIZE & PAY DOWN DEBT THE RIGHT WAY > Take control of and reduce your debt by prioritizing it the right way! Three simple strategies, mixed with a few easy-to-remember tips, can make your finances stronger, your credit score higher, and your financial future most certainly brighter.

Episode #10: HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT SCORE > This podcast covers the factors that make up your credit score and, more importantly, how to use those factors to your advantage to increase yours. So listen or download this episode today to find out how to raise your credit score and secure your financial future.