Pioneer Financial Services named "5-Star Supporter" of National Guard and Reserves

Pioneer Services Representatives are proud to announce that they have been named a 5-Star Supporter of the National Guard and Reserves by the Department of Defense. The honor is part of the DoD "Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve" program and recognizes the company as exceeding the standards set by law that protect and provide for employees who serve in the military.

"This is just an extension of what we do every day for service members and their families," said Julie Schaller, chief people officer. "We exclusively serve the military community, so providing our associates who also serve with superior benefits just makes sense. As an employer, it is our duty to help them in any way we can."

Some of the items that helped Pioneer Services achieve the 5-Star rating includes paying any salary and benefits differential for up to two years, paying bonuses in advance of the deployment to assist with financial needs, and assigning a family support coordinator for the associate's family to assist with any issues that may arise. In select situations, Pioneer Services will set up video e-mail capability in the associates home and pay for their Internet access. These benefits and others have generated a positive response from the Guard and Reserve employees.

"It's great working for Pioneer Services," said Richard McNorton, a regional manager and a Major in the Army Reserves who is currently serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom. "They have always taken care of me and my family before, after, and even during mobilization."

As a way to show his appreciation for what Pioneer Services did for him, McNorton nominated the company for the Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award, the highest in a series of ESGR awards. A selection board convened in May to select 15 award recipients from the hundreds of nominations that are normally received, and the winner will be announced in October 2005.