Pioneer Services provides relief to Navy families affected by Katrina

As Hurricane Katrina devastated parts of the southern United States, Pioneer Services donated more than $5,000 worth of items this week to assist Navy families evacuated from Naval Station Pascagoula, Miss.

The Pioneer Services donation assisted the Jacksonville, Fla., United Service Organization (Jax USO), which is engaged in the effort to house the Sailors and their families. They had requested pillows, air mattresses and blankets, and Pioneer Services not only provided these items, but also flatware, dinnerware, children's items, school supplies, diapers, and numerous other supplies.

"It took 30 shopping carts, and we needed 10 Wal-Mart employees to help load everything up," said Ellen Leroy, manager of the Pioneer Services office in nearby Saint Mary's, Ga. "We had four vans completely full all the way to the top."

The small Naval station had suffered "substantial damage" from the storm according to news reports, and the families were relocated to Naval bases in and around Jacksonville. The families were in need of basic items to help them settle in to their temporary living quarters.

"Not only were the families thrilled with our donations," said Leroy, "but so were the many civilian volunteers and members of the military that were assisting with the distribution. These families have been through so much in the last week, and being able to help was an incredible feeling."