Pioneer Services gets into the holiday spirit by helping military families

This December, Pioneer Services is getting in the holiday spirit by giving away nearly $7,000 in commissary gift certificates to military families. Dubbed the "Seasoned Greetings" program, the certificates assist military families purchase food for holiday meals. Pioneer Services will have distributed a total of almost $20,000 in certificates by year end.

"This time of year is one of hope, help and goodwill," said Randy McKee, chief franchise officer for Pioneer Services. "By assisting service members who need a hand up during the holidays, we can bring all three of those to deserving military families."

There will be a total of 450 gift certificates handed out in 19 Pioneer Services offices during December, adding to the 785 handed out prior to Thanksgiving. The certificates will be distributed in different ways in each market, with some locations giving them out in the office, and others handing them to military chaplains and support groups that will then distribute as they see fit.

"Since each market is different, each one will manage the program in a unique way," said McKee. "The important thing is to help families who need it during the holidays. Since they do so much for us all year, it's the least we can do."