Pioneer Services recognized by Angel Flight for helping military families

Pioneer Services received special recognition from Angel Flight America (AFA) for its extraordinary contribution to helping military families in need of charitable air transportation. Pioneer Services has been a significant supporter of AFA and actively promotes the organization's service at every Pioneer Services office. The honor was received during a banquet attended by military personnel and several members of Congress on May 15, in Washington D.C.

Pioneer Services also received special recognition for creating the Pioneer Services "Operation Iraqi Freedom Charitable Flight Fund" to help AFA purchase commercial airline tickets for service members, or their immediate family members, in times of medical, bereavement, or humanitarian emergency due to participation in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

"We are honored to be a part of Angel Flight's inaugural banquet and we accept this recognition on behalf of the hundreds of military families helped by Angel Flight," said Tom Holcom, president of Pioneer Financial Services, Inc., as he received the award. He then focused on the members of the Armed Forces in attendance, saying, "We salute you for your patriotism, dedication and service to our country."

After the banquet, Holcom discussed how important it was for Pioneer Services to support AFA. "Everyone at Pioneer Services tries to find unique and creative ways to improve the quality of life for military families," he said. "Supporting Angle Flight is an amazing way to do that—not only are we helping them reach a much-needed service, we are also truly impacting the lives of thousands of military families in their times of need."

Ed Boyer, chairman of AFA's board of directors, noted the importance of recognizing those who have helped create the national charitable air transportation network: "Without the help and sponsorship of key national corporations and philanthropic organizations, our task would be impossible. We acknowledge and appreciate their partnership with us."