Prepare for deployment

New PEP Talk podcast helps military families during busy and stressful time

Preparing for a military deployment can be a time of great stress for many families. And with so much to do—and often very little time to do it—these families need a quick and easy guide to help ensure they have all the legal, financial, and administrative tasks covered.

To help make deployment easier for military families, Pioneer Services has released a new episode of their Financial PEP Talk that offers some simple, quick, and easy advice. The podcast, part of the Pioneer Educational Podcast (PEP) series, offers helpful tips on managing bills and debts, potential tax implications, and more. It can be found on iTunes; just search for "Pioneer Services."

"We wanted to give service members something that was relevant and easy to use," said Karen Von Der Bruegge, chief marketing officer for Pioneer Services. "Deployment can be an emotionally trying time, and many important tasks can fall through the cracks. This podcast, and its recommendations, can be a fantastic resource for service members and their families."

The episode is the fifth in the Financial PEP Talk podcast series. Other topics include the Credit CARD Act, setting financial goals, vacation planning, and spending and savings plans.