How to prioritize debt

Blog and podcast on debt prioritization from Pioneer Services provide strategies to reduce debt

Millions of Americans are drowning in billions of dollars in combined debt, with many unsure of how to get their finances in order. Military families are feeling the same financial strain, which is why Pioneer Services has created an article and podcast that provide easy-to-use tips on how to organize and pay down debt.

Both the <blog> and <podcast> center around three strategies to prioritize and pay down debt, and it is up to the listener or reader to choose the strategy—or combination of them—that best suits their needs. It also details the dangers of making minimum credit card payments, and explains a technique to quickly pay down debt without spending more money each month, among other things.

"Since everyone’s financial situation is unique, we provided a variety of strategies to tackle debt," said Karen Von Der Bruegge, chief marketing officer for Pioneer Services and author of the article. "So whether a family has a long-range view, wants to pay as little in interest as possible, or even needs to find more money each month, our educational article and podcast show them how to do it in ways that work in the real world."