New 'MidCountry Military CD'

Certificate of Deposit offers attractive rates to help military families save money

The recent economic downturn has led to an increased emphasis on saving money, as millions of Americans search for economic certainty. Military families are no different, and now have a great way to help secure their financial futures: The MidCountry Military Certificate of Deposit (CD).

Offered through Pioneer Services, the Military Banking Division of MidCountry Bank, the CD has a very unique benefit in addition to its great rates: it does not require an existing relationship with either Pioneer Services or MidCountry Bank. Customers don't need to have a loan or account of any kind—they just need to be full-time active duty, career retired, or medically-retired military personnel. The CD also only requires a $1,000 minimum deposit (lower than the industry average for CDs with similar returns), and is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation up to $250,000.

"The MidCountry Military CD gives military families an easy way to save, without any strings attached, and with great rates of return," said MidCountry Bank President Steve Meads. "The best part is that they don't need an existing relationship with either MidCountry Bank or Pioneer Services. They can simply come into one of our offices, and we'll help them secure their financial futures."

To learn more about the MidCountry Military CD, visit your local Pioneer Services office.