Pioneer Services provides free food vouchers

Popular 'Seasoned Greetings' program assists military families in need this holiday season

Continually giving back to the communities it serves, Pioneer Services, a local financial services company, is showing its appreciation and thanks to service members and their families once again this holiday season by giving away commissary food and retail gift cards in the months of November and December.

Known as the "Seasoned Greetings" program, the $20 and $25 gift cards are intended to help military families in need purchase a turkey, or other items, for the holidays. Over the next several weeks, Pioneer Services offices across the country will be distributing these vouchers to hundreds of military families that may need a hand up with their holiday shopping.

"It's always rewarding to assist military families, and even more so during the holidays," said Karen Von Der Bruegge, chief marketing officer for Pioneer Services. "Military families already sacrifice so much in their lives, so Pioneer Services is trying to do what it can to make sure they don't have to do without during the holiday season."

The vouchers and a holiday card from the Pioneer Services family will be distributed through military leadership, support groups, and the military chaplains' network. The company has offered this holiday assistance program for more than a decade, and its popularity continues to grow.