Seasoned Greetings 2012

Military families in need receive free gift cards for the holidays

Financial difficulties can be hard on a family no matter what time of year it is. But during the holidays, those struggles can add even more pressure. To help military families in need, Pioneer Services, a division of MidCountry Bank, is running its annual “Seasoned Greetings” program during the months of November and December.

“Giving back to the military is something our company does all year round,” said Stan Gomez, director of retail operations, “but we always find ways to do even more during the holiday season. We’ve been running the Seasoned Greetings program for more than a decade, and have provided $100,000 in gift vouchers and cards to military families to purchase a holiday meal, a gift, or whatever else they need for the holidays.”

Over the next several weeks, Pioneer Services offices across the country will be distributing these $25 commissary gift cards through military leadership, support groups, and the military chaplains’ network.

“Because each market is different, each office distributes them a bit differently,” added Gomez, “so those interested in the program need to contact their local Pioneer Services office to find out how to take part. Regardless, what matters most is that they don’t go without during the holidays. After all, given how much they have sacrificed for our nation, it is only right that we give something back to them.”

Families looking for a Pioneer Services office can visit the company’s location page on its website.