Military Spouse Survey Shows Improvement, Uncertainty On Financial Home Front

Pioneer Services and Military Spouse Magazine Identify 2016 Trends and Concerns

May 6 is designated National Military Spouse Appreciation Day, recognizing those who support and sacrifice for loved ones serving in uniform.  Pioneer Services, a division of MidCountry Bank, teamed up with Military Spouse Magazine this year to determine trends and issues of importance to military families, with the results and findings compiled in a unique easy-to-read survey infographic that highlights both positive and negative trends.

The 2016 Military Spouse Survey of approximately 400 spouses builds upon an initial survey with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) and Harris polling two years ago. It was expanded upon last year by Pioneer Services, with this year’s survey comparing the perceptions of Military Spouse Magazine readers with prior survey results.

Findings revealed a somewhat less anxious mood among spouses this year, possibly due to Pentagon budget cuts no longer looming quite so ominously. However, with the potential for renewed deployments, reductions in housing allowances, and pay increases below that of civilian counterparts, military families are still dealing with financial and other insecurities. Findings included:

  • 70% are “concerned” about what would happen if they had a financial emergency, compared to last year when that figure was closer to 90%.
  • Nearly three out of four spouses are “concerned” with finding a job.  50% do not work, with 65% citing frequent relocations as or permanent change of station (PCS) as the reason.
  • 77% are spending the same or less than last year, while 72% are savings as much or more than last year.
  • Eight out of ten expect their spouse to still be serving in the military in two years.
  • Nearly 1/3 of strained relationships result from mental/emotional distress. Others attribute stress to deployments (26%) and financial pressure (24%).

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