Supporting 2017 Military Saves Week

Helping military families save for their long-term financial health

America Saves 2017As part of the company’s overall financial literacy efforts, Pioneer Services is supporting 2017 Military Saves Week (February 27–March 4) by promoting and encouraging military families and service members to save money and budget properly for their long-term financial security. As a component of the Financial Readiness Campaign within the Department of Defense, Military Saves Week seeks the help of military leaders, educators, financial institutions, nonprofits, and others to help educate service members.

Pioneer Services is utilizing its award-winning online Learning Center, including an informative blog post, and social media to promote the importance of financial savings throughout the week. With more than 62 blog posts on financial savings and budgeting, the company has an extensive library of literary materials available for service members.

In addition, the company is one of several banks across the country that has signed up as a 2017 Military Saves Week Participating Organization, and committed to promoting the importance of military savings throughout the year.