New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Make It A Fun 2016

NYE_HeaderLet’s be honest: the vast majority of New Year’s resolutions last until about Jan. 3, at which time we realize that we clearly didn’t really want to do whatever it was we resolved to do. Sure, losing weight or quitting smoking are both terrific ideas, but there is no reason to wait for those—either do them or don’t, no matter the time of year.

Instead of setting yourself up for failure this year, why not make some resolutions that are both easier to meet and will make 2016 a lot more enjoyable—for you and those around you.

  • Make them laugh: Few things will make you feel better than making someone else smile. Whether it’s a joke you tell (as long as it’s appropriate for the situation, of course!) or a witty comment, try to find a way every day to make someone else laugh.
  • Show the love: Do something special for someone on a regular basis, whether it’s bringing your spouse flowers, special weekend days doing what the kids want (those chores can wait), cooking a meal for your grandmother, or even volunteering at a local non-profit. The key is to give back some of your time and show others that you care. 
  • Nurture something: Make this the year that houseplant actually survives, or the one when you adopt that shelter dog your kids have been begging you about for months.
  • Learn a new skill: Ever want to learn to play guitar? Interested in woodworking? Would you prefer to learn how to fix your own computer? Well, what are you waiting for? Decide that 2016 is the year to do it. 
  • Stay positive: Try to find something complimentary to say to someone every day—and that includes yourself. Brightening up someone’s day can make a huge difference that you might not even realize. (And, obviously, keep it appropriate for the person and situation, especially when on the job.)
  • Spend less: Saving money is clearly something we should all do, but sometimes that can be difficult. So instead of beating yourself up because you can’t meet a savings goal, try to spend less. You could find a way to cut your grocery bill by 10%, reduce utility use by turning up or down the thermostat, or swap the expensive microbrew each week for a six-pack of domestic beer. 
  • See the sights: Pick a few places close to home you’ve wanted to visit—a  museum, historical area, or even amusement park—and make a point to go to them this year. You can even schedule when so you can save up and take some time off to really enjoy it.

No matter what you resolve to do in 2016, make sure to make it fun—you’re a lot more likely to follow through if you do!


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