Helpful Sites For Military Kids

Honoring Month of the Military Child

SavesWeekApril is designated as “Month of the Military Child,” giving us all a chance to recognize our littlest heroes and all they go through when one parent (or even both!) serves our nation. After all, the lives that military kids lead are different than those in the civilian world, with frequent moves, new schools, and parental deployments all presenting challenges most children won’t face.

We have collected some links and info that can help your military child, or give you some ways to help the ones in your life.

Military Life

  • Military Kids Connect—This website, ran by the DoD, has a wealth of info on numerous topics and for kids of all ages. A must-bookmark site for all military parents.
  • Dealing with deployment—Children can take a parent’s deployment very hard, with emotions ranging from confusion to anger. It’s a delicate subject, but we provide a few suggestions on how to handle it.
  • Advantages of being a military kid—Kids who grow up in military families might face additional challenges, but they also gain a wealth of advantages. This blog lists just a few.

Money Matters

  • Teaching kids about money—Helping your kids learn smart money habits early can lead to a lifetime of success. Our blog gives you some tips on how to do it.
  • Money games—In this blog we go over ways to teach kids about money that are fun for them and you!

School is In

Special Needs

  • Operation Autism—Perhaps the most comprehensive resources for military families with an autistic child, this site (ran by the Organization for Autism Research) should probably be your first stop. It has a wealth of information, from medical to benefits to tips to handle a PCS, as well as general autism news.
  •—This site serves as a way to find to find autistic support groups for military families. It lacks much general or other information, but can make it easier to find those who are going through similar experiences.
  • Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)—Each branch has its own EFMP that provides a wide range of support services to families with special needs family members. This link from the National Military Family Association has links and more information.
  • Operation We Are Here—This website features a wide range of resources and links for military families, from emotional support to government services to civilian aid.

We hope you enjoy these blogs and websites, and encourage you to find a way to show a military child in your life just how special they are!


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