2018 Military Family Survey

Infographic Detailing the Facts and Figures

May is National Military Appreciation Month, which includes Military Spouse Appreciation Day on Friday, May 11th. For a third consecutive year, we reached out to spouses and military family members for a quick survey to gauge how they’re feeling.

This year, we partnered with Ameriforce Media, which publishes Military Families Magazine, and we received about 250 responses. The questions covered a broad range of topics related to military life, including deployment, marriage, spouse employment, and financial concerns like savings, credit card debt, and expensive emergencies.

The results of the 2018 Military Family Survey indicate that most people (nearly 82 percent) don’t feel prepared to face an unexpected financial emergency. This dominating concern coincides with other issues, like a prevalent lack of long-term savings and an increase in credit card debt. Frequent moves can also make it difficult for spouses to find work and maintain licensing and accreditation that may vary from state to state.

By analyzing these concerns, we can better understand the root causes and help service members address their financial uncertainties. We have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for military families and spouses, and we encourage others to take pause throughout the entire month of May to reflect on the challenges they face – and overcome – on a daily basis.

To see the results in their entirety, click here. For key comparisons to the results from previous years, check out the infographic below.



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