What it Means to be Military Friendly

On a Mission to Help Military Families: Part 2

Jodi_Blog_2_Header_4Pioneer Services President Jodi Vickery knows from her experience as an Army wife the challenges military spouses face, including managing the home front during deployments. “My husband wasn’t stationed near me and our children for several years, which required adaptation. I have absolute respect for the strength of the amazing spouses who surround me.”

That’s why it’s important to her that we help spouses when they need us most, in whatever way we can. One story Jodi will never forget was when she managed the Fort Hood branch.

 “A young wife who was new to town came into our office with her small child. She didn’t know anyone in Killeen, didn’t have two nickels to rub together, and didn’t know what she was going to do. I took her to the convenience store across the street and loaded up her car with diapers and food and other necessities. I still remember the hug she gave me. We were there for her when she needed us, in the way she needed us.”

When it comes to finding jobs and having successful careers, spouses face big hurdles. Working for Pioneer Services allowed Jodi flexibility and continuity, but for many, the transitory nature of the military makes it extra hard for partners when it comes to jobs. “Because military families move frequently, it can be difficult for them to get jobs and build careers. Your experience can look choppy and disjointed on a resume, and it’s hard to explain that to someone who doesn’t understand the military lifestyle.”

Because of this, Jodi believes in helping spouses get training and education. This includes a special partnership with Pioneer Services and the National Military Family Association (NMFA) to support their scholarship program. The program provides $1,000 and $500 educational and career scholarships to military spouses for career funding or educational degrees. “We’re happy to help fund scholarships that offer educational, professional and employment opportunities.” Read more here.

Many spouses also start at-home businesses they can take with them from PCS location to PCS location. “Having a business military wives (and husbands) can pick up on short notice is a wonderful opportunity and we want to help them be successful by sponsoring events like the Spouse Vendor Expo at Camp Pendleton.” This annual event sponsored by the Camp Pendleton branch office in Oceanside, Cali., showcases local spouse-owned businesses. This gives them an opportunity to sell products or services, and promote their business.

Pioneer Services also provides free education and resources specifically for spouses including a military finance guide e-book, and credit repair kit.

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In the next installment, Jodi shares what being a responsible lender means, and the importance of providing financial education for service members and spouses.

This is part of a series of blogs featuring Pioneer Services employees who have a connection to the military. Part of what makes us unique is our background with the Armed Services. Together, our team members have more than 500 years of military experience as former service members or spouses. We’ve asked some of them to describe what working for a military friendly company means to them.


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