What it Means to be Military Friendly

On a Mission to Help Military Families: Part 3

Jodi_Blog_3_HeaderBetween deployments, PCS moves, travel, and other military-related expenses, the bills can pile up. Throw in other costs like family emergencies, home upkeep and car repairs, and the financial stress can be overwhelming for military families.

Our mission at Pioneer Services is to help service members and families get through the tough times, celebrate the good, and be financially resilient. By helping ease their financial burden, service members can focus on their mission of serving our country. 

From Jodi’s perspective, we’re here to help make life a little bit easier by taking some of the financial stress off their plates. “We provide relief and peace of mind. When people have a financial need, it’s real to them. If something’s not going well in their personal life, such as a family emergency, if we can take one thing off their list of worries by helping in a responsible, timely way, they can get back to service.”

But what does ‘responsible’ mean? It means we won’t give someone a loan that might make things worse. “That might fix a problem for that afternoon, but it will be worse in the long run. Instead of a loan that would put them further behind, we help solve their problem differently. While we want to provide loans for financial relief and do that fast, we will not do that in a way that puts people in a lurch.” When situations like that occur, it doesn’t mean what they’re grappling with is any less real to them, it just means we need to solve it in a different way. This could be referring them to relief agencies, giving commissary gift cards, or taking them to the store down the street.

Responsible also means helping people understand money management so they can be financially strong and resilient. To do this, we provide free, award-winning financial education about saving, budgeting, building credit and more. “Service members need to have their finances in order to accomplish certain steps in their career, such as receiving security clearances. Military leaders are focused on combat readiness skills, so our financial education is an excellent supplement. We can’t teach someone how to use their weapon, but we CAN teach them how to balance a checkbook. From a spouse perspective, they’re often the ones managing the checkbook while their husband or wife is deployed, sometimes overseas. The education we provide can help ease that stress.”

We also conduct surveys to understand the financial and lifestyle issues service members and families are dealing with. This helps us understand how to help and provide useful resources. Read outcomes from our survey conducted for Military Appreciation Month.

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In Jodi's final installment, she talks about the importance of giving back by being involved in local communities and supporting military-related organizations.

This is part of a series of blogs featuring Pioneer Services employees who have a connection to the military. Part of what makes us unique is our background with the Armed Services. Together, our team members have more than 500 years of military experience as former service members or spouses. We’ve asked some of them to describe what working for a military friendly company means to them.


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