2017 Military Spouse Survey

MAM 16


To help celebrate Military Appreciation Month in May, we teamed up with Military Spouse Magazine to examine a variety of issues affecting military families. This year we surveyed more than 250 active-duty military spouses, asking basic questions about financial concerns, relationship issues and everything in between. The results offer some valuable insights into the issues military families deal with on a daily basis. Comparing the results to surveys we conducted in previous years gives us a unique opportunity to monitor trends over time.

Check out the full results of our survey below, and click here to view our infographic.

Q1. As a military spouse, how concerned are you about each item below? (Answer on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most concerned)


Q2. What is the primary reason you experience relationship challenges with your spouse?   

Q3. Do you expect your spouse to be serving in the military 2 years from now?


Q4. Do you work outside the home? 


Q5. If you do not work outside the home, what are the reasons? (Please select all that apply)


Q6. How well prepared is your family to meet a financial emergency?


Q7. Compared to a year ago, how has the current economic climate affected how much money you spend?


Q8. Compared to a year ago, how much money do you save now?


Q9. Do you feel the current political and policy environment (e.g. defense spending, manpowerlevels, geo-political issues, etc.) is more or less favorable for military families than it was ayear ago?


Q10. How long have you been married?


Q11. How many children do you have under the age of 18?   


Q12. What is your spouse’s current rank?  

Q13. What is your spouse's branch of service?


Military Appreciation Month

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